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A little Surgery

Back on February 13th, I tripped over my pajama bottoms that were loose and slouchy. Not a good experience as I fell flat on my cheek, my arm, my right knee and my right hip. OUCHY!

Thinking it would get better, I ignored and fought through the pain and limped and hobbled my way around for months and months.

In May, I went to the doctor and she suggested physical therapy.

I finished my physical therapy in June and even had an injection in my hip.

No improvement.

In late July I got an MRI and it showed two muscles were ripped. AND I had a huge bursitis on a ligament.

I believe in Priesthood blessings, and M gave me on Sunday night with my family present. A good blessing, I must say, straight from God and exactly what I needed to hear.

Last Monday was my surgery. Dr. Carlson was my surgeon and the surgery went well. Taking an hour (expected to take two), I have recovered quite quickly.

I was sent home with a walker to use, and of course it still has the tags on it, unused by me.

I was back doing chores, walking around, doing stairs and everything I need to do Tuesday morning.

My personal miracle is that, even thought my MRI showed that I had an anterior and posterior rip in my muscles, when the surgeon got in there, it was NOT RIPPED AT ALL. Only the mess bursitis and that he cleaned up for me.

Yes, I believe in prayer, and I believe in the healing powers of the priesthood, and in the many miracles in my life I have experienced. Just like this one.