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Family is Everything

My oldest son, Michael, and his wife, Jaimee, drove all the way from ViRgiNiA to spend a week with us!

My awesome grandchildren were good sports and I believe loved their time with us. Kinzlee helped me so much with my alpaca and ranch chores! The others helped me do other things around the house, such as dust, to help make my load easier.

Although we didn’t get in any swimming time, we enjoyed four-wheeling on the Velvets, picking fresh apricots at Capitol Reef National Park, playing games, and lots more.

The most difficult task Michael did was to toss about nine 40-gallon black bags of my “precious things.” I am a very sentimental person, and I keep lots more “things” and memories than most people keep. I let Michael toss without having me look through and giving my approval.

He did keep some things (such as my own baby book) and an unfinished journal or two.

We now have a comfortable, practical, usable family room downstairs where we once had clutter and box after box after box.

I love this little family and can’t wait to see them again! For now, they are spending time with Jaimee’s family and then heading back to Virginia and reality.

PS My daughter, Staci, and her family ALSO drove all the way from ViRgInIa to be with us. Kevin and his littles drove here from West Jordan, Utah. There was some overlapping time when I had 3/4 of our children here at the same time. 17 Riddles under the same roof was a joy to M and me!

I’ll post more pictures and memories, but I’m off to the Color Country Animal Welfare board meeting now.