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WOW! Someday!

I got to spin!I’ve been looking forward to this for almost a month. Julia’s knitting shop in Richfield, Utah advertised a trunk show featuring Corn Creek (Kanosh, Utah).

I’ve been excited but also worried because I don’t like to drive distances here at night because of the immense amount of deer here.

I took the plunge and got out of my comfort zone. Driving to Richfield (about 50 minutes) and back (50 minutes) turned out ok. (I said lots and lots of prayers.)

Meeting new knitters and spinners was fun, but NOTHING, I mean NOTHING, compared to the opportunity to spin (thanks to Joella and Scott). These two amazing artists patiently helped me spin my first alpaca fleece. You can see from my expression that it was a BLAST (mostly). I kept telling myself to remember to BREATHE and relax a bit. I loved this wheel, and have decided I want a

*Majacraft Aura* spinning wheel

which is made in New Zealand. Anyone going there in the near future?

I’ll have to save my $$ and/or sell some more stuff to make this happen. In the mean time, I have my first spun yarn (looks kind-of artsy) to remind me of this night.