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Doing our Duty

On Memorial Day, we usually go to the Bicknell Cemetery and listen to the words shared about those who have gone before us. This year we decided to do something different, doing a civic duty. Later this week, I will be going to the Loa and Bicknell Cemeteries to honor my great-great, great and grandparents privately. It’ll be nice to do so without all the commotion around me.

M and I got up fairly early, and did our ranch chores. We donned our bright vests, put on our hats and work gloves, and loaded up the “mule” with the UDOT big orange bags (and some water for us to drink).

We have adopted the two miles in front of our home — exactly — mile markers 61.4 to 63.4. Both sides of the road makes it four miles worth of cleaning up. We are to do this twice a year, minimum, to keep it as “our” part of Highway 24.

I got tired of bending over and over and over (you get it) after about 1.5 miles. I will probably go out on my own, while M is away, and do some more. We got three BIG bags full of mostly BEER CANS and soda cans and CIGARETTE cartons etc.

The most interesting things this time:
*a new red guitar pick from SLC
*two dead deer (yucky and smelly, glad to get that cleaned up and hauled away)
*a new oil funnel (yes, M kept that one)
*a water bottle full of Hi-Chew wrappers (you were so thoughtful to collect them in a bottle instead of throwing them out individually)

Once again, I should tell you all, PLEASE DON’T THROW YOUR TRASH ON HIGHWAY 24! Or anywhere for that matter.