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Successful #Open Farm Day

Whew! We survived our first open farm day with a lot of help from family!

Our visitors came from as far as two hours away. Several families came from surrounding areas in Wayne County, too!

Some things we learned from our first open farm day:

*People are fascinated with alpacas (and so are we)

*Alpacas are wonderful to feed and touch (and we think so too)

*Our Maremmas are SMART and do their job (and like tummy rubs)

*Alpaca hats are not cheap to buy (and they are not cheap to make)

*A $5 bag of grain goes a long way (and you can still purchase a bag whenever you come to visit)

*Free cookies are good (period)

*Contests are fun (Alyssa won the counting the alpaca pellets — there were 550 in the jar)

*Coloring contests are fun (and coloring is always fun)

*We live in a beautiful area and we can do this in the wind, clouds, and even light rain. (We will schedule our open farm day earlier next year.)

*You can purchase hand spun, hand knit hats for Christmas and other occasions.