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I got spit on!

The girls have been very greedy lately.As part of my morning routine, I get my bucket of grain ready for them and enter the corral area. Lately, these girlies are almost pouncing on me at the gate. As I enter, I tread slowly so as to not knock anyone over (myself included). It seems like there are at least eight girls who are nibbling from the bucket as I make my way to their grain trays.


This morning I was spit on! Twice! Two different girls, and I think both of them were saying that I was just too slow for them. Today the spits time it were intentional. Not big sprays, but enough of the spit sprays to give me the message LOUD AND CLEAR. And Smelly.

We’ll see just how slow I’ll go next time. I’m not motivated to speed things up; rather, I think I’ll take more control of this and … sneak in the other gate next time.